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When I first got married, I had a Lingerie Shower. It was so much fun to start off my marriage with such a 
variety of lingerie. However, as time went by and children were born, I found that my "newlywed" lingerie did
not fit any more.
I realized that, even though I did not have the same body as I did when I got married, my husband still
found me attractive. I am so thankful that God created our husbands to still enjoy us! Realizing this helped
build my confidence to start wearing lingerie again. But, I needed a whole new lingerie wardrobe.
After searching and searching the web for lingerie, I was very discouraged that almost all of the lingerie
websites used real women as models. I was uncomfortable looking at the pictures. And, there was no way
for both me and my husband to shop for lingerie together.
In 2009, I realized the need for a safe place for Christian couples to shop for lingerie. I believe that
lingerie used within a marriage is a good thing. Who doesn't like feeling feminine after a long day with the
kids or at work? Who doesn't enjoy seeing their husband's face light up when you walk into the bedroom
wearing lingerie?
I wanted to offer lingerie for women who had never worn it before and desired a more conservative look.
I also wanted to provide lingerie for women that had been wearing the same lingerie for a while and were
looking for new, exciting pieces. And, of course, as women, there are always parts of our bodies
that cause us to be anxious. That is why you can search for lingerie that will minimize and/or maximize
those areas.
Have fun exploring the site with your husband. I hope that your marriage will be blessed!
Sara Hicks, Owner

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